3D Roller Body Shaper
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3D Roller Body Shaper


(35 customer reviews)

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You want to dissolve fat and gain an ideal body shape easily?

Not enough time to get membership to the high class slimming and massage centers?

3D Roller Shaping Massager

Are you gaining weight by doing 9 am to 5 pm sitting jobs?

Do you feel that your arms, legs, thighs, and abdomen have loose skin?

3D Roller Shaping Massager

Worry no more. The solution is here. We are giving you an affordable, portable, high quality, and handheld 3D Roller Body Shaper.

With it, you can achieve your dream body shape and can wear your favorite dresses after regular use.

3D Roller Shaping Massager

Key Points:

EXCELLENT FUNCTIONS: Our genuine 3D Roller Body Shaper relieves muscle tension, reduces cellulite, burns fats, promotes smooth and firm skin, and helps in reducing body weight with exceptional design and strong power. Regular use of this massager not only maintains your body shape but removes wrinkles and increase collagen for glowing skin.


3D Roller Shaping Massager

AMAZING SLIMMING MASSAGER: This high-quality 3D Roller Body Shaper also stimulates blood vessels to improve blood circulation and increases metabolism for a healthy life and improved tone. And the 3D motions of this massager dissolves fat layers from the skin to give you a younger look.

3D Roller Shaping Massager

FULL BODY MASSAGER: Our quiet 3D Roller Body Shaper is designed to massage all body parts like feet, back, waist, neck, hips, arms, shoulders, buttocks, abdomen, thigh, and legs in an easy and simpler way. Its high-speed rotation and high power motor give visible results without damaging skin tissues.

3D Roller Shaping Massager

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Made from premium ABS plastic materials, this innovative and lightweight 3D Roller Body Shaper stands alone with a smooth surface, single knob control design, 3 x sets of massager wheels, speed control system, and round edges. Moreover, our 3D Roller Body Shaper has a handle for firm grip and professional level massage.

3D Roller Shaping Massager

EASY TO STORE: The small size of the 3D Roller Body Shaper allows easy storage in your travel bag. You can keep it with you when you are at home or traveling.

3D Roller Shaping Massager

SINGLE TIME INVESTMENT: No need to join any slimming and massage centers, and no more expensive slimming capsules. As our 3D Roller Body Shaper will do the all. Moreover, you can use it anytime in your home.

3D Roller Shaping Massager

A GREAT GIFT: As everyone is conscious about body shape, so, you can choose this 3D Roller Body Shaper as a gift on birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas, and other occasions to keep your beloveds young all the time.

3D Roller Shaping Massager


  • First apply any massage oil, slimming gel, or slimming cream on the body.
  • Insert the power plug into the compatible wall socket.
  • Install the massage head to the massager.
  • Turn the massager on to enjoy a relaxing massage.
  • Please choose from low to high level for massage.
  • After using, first, turn the switch OFF then remove the plug from the socket.

3D Roller Shaping Massager

Additional Specifications:

  • Suitable for: Unisex
  • Input: 50-60Hz/110-240V
  • Output: DC 12V (1000Ma)
  • Power: 4.5-9 Watt
  • Size: 10 cm x 9.5 cm x 13 cm (3.94 inch x 3.74 inch x 5.12 inch)
  • Color: Coffee and White
  • Item Weight: 1.3lb
  • Available plugs: US, UK, EU

3D Roller Shaping Massager

Package Includes:

1 x 3D Roller Body Shaper

1 x Swivel Wheel

1 x AC Adapter

1 x User Manual

35 reviews for 3D Roller Body Shaper

  1. Katy

    It suits me. I travel places and I can just take it with myself. Easy to carry.

  2. Gabrie B.

    I am 65 already. And, It makes me feel like 40. Relieves my stress too. Thank you.

  3. Maria

    Managed to tone up my arms faster with regular light exercise. Satisfied with the product!

  4. Lyndsay

    Really love the product and the fact it is waterproof and can be used in the shower. Their customer service is awesome and are there to help you and make sure you are happy and satisfied with the product. I really appreciated that and their timely responses.

  5. cara

    Love it, so helpful and feels great

  6. Judy Johnson

    I purchased this massager for blood circulation to reduce the appearance of my leg cellulite. I’ve only used it 6 times so far. I apply massaging oil on my leg, use a timer for 15 min circulating one direction then another 15 min circulating the other way. 30 min each leg in total. After that I apply hot cream and wear a spa short. Getting rid of cellulite this way will take a long time and I have a long way to go. I don’t expect my cellulite to disappear but I do see a slight improvement. I see my skin move as I glide the massager. There’s no pain at all. The massaging is more soothing than anything. It may not give you the deep tissue massage you get at a spa where the masseuse really work your body and you feel pain but I feel it does help with my leg blood circulation. I’m hoping that with patience and consistency the appearance of my cellulite will keep reducing. This massager is so easy to use and not heavy at all. It fits nicely into your hand and gives a nice smooth massage. Looks really durable and well made.

  7. Mariette

    really like how my face & neck feel after using this

  8. Carmen Baez

    I have already seen results from massaging my skin creams into my face. I have also notice that my turkey neck ( age and weight loss) seems much firmer that before. Highly recommend.

  9. Elena


  10. DEB E

    The massager exceeded my expectations. I used the facial massager head, which leaves my skin really smooth and I applied a Clinique moisturizer with it. The body massager is also really good and strong and I used that with an anti cellulite oil. It does not stop if you put pressure against.

  11. Melissa Rocha

    My wife purchased this to use on her sore legs from working all day.
    She loves it and uses it everyday. Definitely would recommend for anyone looking for some temporary relief after a long day on your feet.

  12. Melina

    Works really well and is perfect for your legs. For a back massage is little hard to reach, but overall really happy with the purchase, you can use it on your face as well.

  13. Barbara Darling

    My 13 year old son plays basketball so he always has pains after a full day of tournaments. I have been taking this massager with us to massage him in between games and he has noticed the difference in his performance. He has the whole team taking turns with it. He normally has me schedule him an appointment with the chiropractor but not anymore. It will be saving me a lot of money in the future!

  14. Tamara Muchow

    This manager is really neat. I used for my body instead of my face and it feels really nice. I will def be using a lot!

  15. Cristina Heffernan

    People ask me where i get this all the time.

  16. A. Rivera

    Great Product, Nice quality, I absolutely LOVE this Gentle face Brush. I Bought it on sale, I wish I would’ve bought two more at that price for my sisters. The Brush is easy to use and Handheld is super comfy.

  17. Robert Murphy

    I love this product! I’m a social worker and work insanely long days under very stressful situations and I know how important self care is in my life. This product makes doing self care so much easier. I come home after a long day and use this to ease the tension in my face and shoulders and even back and it’s amazing! I’m so impressed with the quality of this product for the price and how easy it is to use! Thank you!

  18. Jane

    Great product very good price and quality

  19. Alexandra Mishina

    Love this massager. Yes, it did have very good reviews, honestly did not expect much so I was very pleasantly surprised. It definitely worked out the built-up lumps in neck/shoulders and it feels great. I also used it post-workout on my legs. Word of caution: try it at lower speeds first to see how it goes. I put it on max and was also moving and pressing very vigorously so I ended up it some
    bruising the next day. So my advice is to be gentle, it does the work on it own.


    I have high hopes for this fascinating gadget! I purchased if off of the desire of wanting to incorporate it with my deep tissue massage routine that I’m using other devices with. This one seems to have the potential to achieve the same results without such elbow grease! Anyone who tissue blasts knows exactly what I mean! So far product is aesthetically pleasing, feels sturdy in hand!

    I’m excited!!!

  21. S. Anne

    The product is exactly as shown in the pictures. It came in perfect conditions and sooner than expected. It’s a lightweight device, works properly and is easy to use. I cannot talk about results because it’s too soon to see any changes or results as cellulite improve or slimming. But for sure I can say that the massage head is relaxing, and you can get a nice massage on your muscles. Hopefully will help with other stuff like cellulite and body slim. For that price I think you can give it a try and don’t regret it.

  22. Tara

    Super easy to handle. I use it as a complement to the exercise I do. I apply it with an anti-cellulite oil. First I extend it with my hand and then I pass the massager and the truth is that the skin felt much smoother. Of course, you have to be constant and give it every day. It is a very complete massager. I recommend it.

  23. Tim G.

    Absolutely love it. For a long time, I’ve been seeking a massager which can be used while staying at home and watching TV.

  24. Peggy

    Works great! You can feel it getting to the deep tissue. My husband and I both really like it. The heat setting is very useful and helps relax your muscles.

  25. Yelena

    nice little product that it cleans my face effectively and softly. love it.

  26. Charla Harmon

    I love how versatile this product is. I can use on different parts of my body. Because of my work, I have lots of tension on my shoulders and this helps me every night relieving the knots in my muscles. Definitely recommend it

  27. natalie

    The product is exactly as shown in the pictures. It came in perfect conditions and sooner than expected. It’s a lightweight device, works properly and is easy to use. I cannot talk about results because it’s too soon to see any changes or results as cellulite improve or slimming. But for sure I can say that the massage head is relaxing, and you can get a nice massage on your muscles. Hopefully will help with other stuff like cellulite and body slim. For that price I think you can give it a try and don’t regret it.

  28. Luiza Dias

    Love this machine. I use it on my upper arms twice a day for 5 minutes on each arm. It feels great & looking forward to it improving their look!

  29. Carol Boni

    Easy to use and truly amazing. My neck love it. I used every night before go to bed and help me to rest.

  30. Olga

    Nice massager. Gentle enough for face but using mostly on thighs to help with cellulite. Made well. Reasonably priced

  31. gabriela

    It is okay, I use for my shoulder!

  32. rana yaseen

    I got this and started using right away with my cellulite removal cream. I noticed the tightness in my thighs and arms after the first day. I apply moisturizer as well when I don’t feel like using a lot of my cream. Works amazing for the face, it removes a lot of the dirt and adds glow to the skin. Absolutely recommend!

  33. Dioselina

    A very good product. Exactly what you need after a hard day. Ideal for me, after work I get relaxation thanks to this massager. Performs its function at all percentages. It does a very good massage, perfect combination of price and quality.Ideal for relieving fatigue of your body. I recommend to buy!

  34. Wanda Negron

    This massager is work great. It is Very light weight and easy to use. I use it few days and it had been a complete relief for my sore neck! I am very glad with this product. Especially the such low costs and it can do such great results.

  35. Carolina

    I was suffering with backache for very long time. My friend has this product and he told me it helped him with backache. I started using it last week and already see good results.

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